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For convenience,  Uptick provides a "Generate tasks" function for customers using Services which allows management to generate your work for the month in one click of a button. 

This step is usually performed by administration at the start of the month to generate the service contracted tasks that have assigned either a skill-set or default round. These steps are performed for customers using Services, if you are using Routines, see Routines Generation.

Step 1: Enter the tasks control centre by clicking on the Servicing tab from the navigational menu at the top of the page and from the drop-down menu click on Tasks

Step 2: At the start of the month, click the white button, Programme Maintenance, and then click Generate Tasks


 You will be shown a warning as per below. 


Step 3: Select the month and year which you would like to generate tasks for and click Generate tasks.

Note: Clicking the Generate tasks button will:

1. Find all Service Contracts with a "Next Due" in the selected month. 

2. It then splits the Service Contract by Property and Service Skill Set

3. It will look for rounds matching the properties round number and skill set (if applicable) and creates a new round for the relevant month if it does not already exist.

4. A "NEW" task will then be generated for the property for the new due date on the relevant round.

5. Service Tasks will then get generated for each item relevant to the Service Contract, and Sub Tasks will also be created. 

6. The Service Contracts next due date will be calculated, based on the service frequency. If there was a date the Service Contract was last completed, it will take this into account, otherwise it will look at the Service Contracts start date and add an offset if required.




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