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Past and current Defect Quotes can be accessed and created via the main Navigation, a Property, or associated Task to give you more flexibility. 

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View Defect Quotes - Defect Quote Dashboard or Property

You can access the Defect Quote Dashboard by simply click on Defect Quotes on the sidebarThe defect quote list can be filtered to give you a more meaningful list of results. From the dash board you can view a defect quote by clicking on View (last column on the right). If you open a Property you can also access Quotes via a the Defect Quote tab.

Create a Defect Quote from a Task (Recommended Workflow)

  1. Click on Tasks and open a task.
  2. In the Process section of the task, click Create Quote
  3. On the following page you can enter the details applicable to the quote and then click Save Defect Quote.

Create defect quote via Defect Quote Dashboard 

  1. Click on Defect Quotes from the sidebar
  2. Click +Create defect quoteEnter applicable Quote details and click Save Defect Quote.

Create defect quote via a Property

  1. Go to a property and click the Defect Quotes tab.
  2. Click the blue button labelled +Create quote. Enter applicable Quote details and click Save Defect Quote.

Add Line Items and Remarks (Defects) to a Defect Quote

Once the Defect Quote draft has been created, you will need to add line items. You can quote existing remarks (defects identified in the field) by adding a product to each issue identified or simply add line other line items with relevant or generic products.


Line items can be grouped by asset, remark or location. The default selection state is "Not grouped"mceclip0.png


  1. Check if there are open Quotes (Other quotes) in the system for that property. If there are, you can add previous items to the new Quote with the Merge button and void the previous Quote.  
  2. Select Quote Builder. If there are new remarks (not previously quoted) you can add them to your quote with the left tick box and +Add selected to Quote. If you remove the default filters you will see all open remarks associated to the site.
  3. Under Works, add line items to your Quote or allocate a product to remarks that were added. Here you can modify the item description, quantity and costs when you double click on the cell.
  4. Once you are happy with the information change the status to Finalised or Finalise and Submit (sends an email to your client).

Please Note: Products are required to Quote any line item. This means that you need to set up a relevant product list before you can create Defect Quotes. Product details like cost/sell or description can be amended in the Quote.

Remarks and asset information on defect quotes

- By clicking the below button on the remark a modal will pop up without taking you into another tab, allowing you to view the details of the remark and photos attached to it.


- By clicking the asset this will open the asset in a new tab allowing you to change information if required easily. 


Managing Defect Quotes

Once the quote is with your client you have the ability to:

  • Mark approved- The customer has responded directly to you approving the Quote.
  • Mark declined- The customer has responded directly to you declining the Quote.
  • Revert to draft- The quote needs to be modified and submitted again.
  • Void- The Quote is no longer valid. Remarks can be allocated to a new Defect Quote.

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