Setting Up Fixed invoicing

Uptick allows for fixed invoicing for services by allowing service contracts to track the interval they have been billed against. With the bulk management tools, you can generate due invoices in bulk every month.

1. Setting up your fixed invoicing for a service

If a contracted service is routinely invoiced, create a new service for billing purposes only to generate a fixed billing task at a select frequency.

Step 1: Create a new service from the services page (Servicing > Service).

Step 2:  Fill in all the detail you need for this service, making sure you fill out the name, key, frequency and interval. Use the grey text under each field to understand more about the content you need to fill out.

Step 3: On top of the above detail, click the Generate billing task and Billing task track period within the new billing service. The billing task track period allows for the invoice to detail the dates the client is being billed for.


2. Setting up your service contracts from that service

Step 4: Once you create a billing service and add that service to a property, you'll create a service contract for that property. Edit this service contract.


Step 5: Fill out the necessary fields, using the grey writing to guide you. Fill out the Billing Period section by adding the Billing start and end date. This will appear on your invoices.

Step 6: Save Service Contract

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