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Timesheets are a way for technicians to describe and submit their work hours via Uptick.

For the technicians, task sessions will auto-populate into their timesheet each day for optimum business efficiency as Uptick already tracks this. Leave, office time, transit time can all be added to their daily timesheets.


Timesheets give your technicians greater capacity to track their billable hours and can increase transparency with clients by allowing techs to track their time on certain jobs, on-site or off. This information gives a more comprehensive overview of time spent to complete a Task, including performing, transit, revisits or picking up parts.


Pressing Play and Pause when you are working on a task is still a great way of tracking what task you're on, how long it takes you to service this task and tracking transit times. It is very much encouraged to use this to bulk up your daily timesheet. 


Viewing your daily timesheets 

1. Go to your list of tasks

2. Click the 'Timesheet' tab at the bottom of your screen. This will direct you to your timesheet for that day.

3. Swipe the screen to move between days. 


Editing your daily timesheets

1. Click the session you'd like to edit, add a new session by clicking 'Add' or trash a session by clicking on it and clicking 'Trash'.

2. Once you are happy with your timesheet, click the 'Submit' button. Submit several days by flicking left and clicking 'Submit' on each day.



Adding an allowance

1. Click on the allowances tab on the timesheet page, then create a allowance.
Note: The allowance types are setup via the Control Panel on the web. Let a desk user know if you need another one added in. 


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