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Uptick allows you to set up Billing Contracts for all of your Routine Services in one easy process during Property creation. In conjunction with Upticks flexible billing options, Property-specific Billing Contracts reduce your risk of failing to send out your invoices and missing the expected revenue. 

Setting up your billing contracts

Note: Make sure you've setup your routines prior to creating a billing contract

Step 1: Within the Property screen, select the "Billing" tab.

Step 2: To create a new Billing Contract, select the + CREATE button in the upper-right corner of the Billing Contracts pane.

Step 3: Select the type of billing contract you'd like to setup and put in the relevant dates.

These steps are highlighted in the gifs below. Follow the steps below for each kind of billing contract after this step. 


Fixed Billing 

Step 1: Fill in a Period Start date, invoice start date and next due date. Make sure you've filled in the billing period, This is how often you'd like to bill this amount to the customer. Eg. If you select monthly, the invoice will be sent every month. Click Next

Note: If setting the contract up only moving forward, these will often be the same dates to begin with, and the system will update them each month when you issue an invoice. 

Step 2: Add a product that suits the need. In this example, we added in "Monthly Billing" for our monthly billing contract. You can type in what it overs into the description if you're wanting it to come up on the invoice. 

Step 3: Enter the price, and select per "Year" or "Invoice (month)". Click Next.

We suggest going with per Invoice, as this will reflect the same frequency as you've already selected.

Step 4: Name your contract, pop in an authorisation reference if applicable, eg. A PO/WO number.

Step 5: Click Save.



Do and Charge (often referred to as "Per Asset" billing by Mads) 

Step 1: Enter a Period start date for your contract and press Next

Step 2: Link up each routine service and level of service to a product, remember the description listed against the product is what will auto-populate, so feel free to make more products to suit the service. Due to the routine giving the ability to select levels, you can select a different price for annual's compared to 6-monthly inspections, giving you freedom. 

Step 3: Make sure you enter a price, then choose if you'd like it to be billed per asset or per visit. For example - we've noticed assets like extinguishers and hose reels are typically billed at a fee per asset, but for services like emergency and exit lighting, they are billed per visit at a bulk fee. 

Step 4: Name your contract, pop in an authorisation reference if applicable, eg. A PO/WO number.

Step 5: Click Save.


Important Note for do and charge billing contracts: If some routines are linked to a billing contract and some are not, they will split up into seperate tasks when generated. If you don't want this to occur, ensure you've got all routines on the property on the billing contract, even with a $0 amount. 


Our recommendations for products would look something like this:
Extinguisher Service - then put the description you'd like to come up on the invoice in the description field. It'll auto-populate moving forward. 

Monthly Service, 6 Monthly Service, Annual Service - these can be used in fixed billing and do and charge contracts. 

A video on billing contracts

Issuing the fixed billing contracts/invoices each month

Step 1: Head to the billing contracts page (top tip, save this as a favourite to your dashboard)

Step 2: Select the billing contracts you'd like to send. You can use the filters to sort these. 

Step 3: Edit X number of Billing Contracts 

Step 4: Select Create and send invoices and click "Apply Changes".

The invoices will now be issued to the required emails and the system will auto-adjust the billing contract to the next due date. If you'd like to see what went out, head to the Dispatches page.



FAQ's relating to billing contracts

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