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This article is in reference to an older version of Uptick. If you're looking for updated information on Accounts and Groups, click here.


Permissions are used to grant access to different features and actions in Uptick to different people within your organisation. Permissions are labelled according to the roles and functions they are relevant to. Use the Filter feature when assigning permissions to Users or Groups, this will easily and consistently grant all required permissions across specific department personnel.

Assigning permissions to groups

Step 1: Click on the Tools tab at the top navigation bar. From the drop-down menu, select Groups and Permissions.

Step 2: Click Edit next to the group whose permissions you wish to adjust.

Step 3: Search for relevant Permissions by searching for them via the filter feature. 


Step 4: Click the Permission you wish to grant, then click the blue button that says Add to selected. To add multiple permission actions at once, hold down the "ctrl" button on your keyboard whilst selecting the necessary permissions. A list of the granted permissions will appear on the right.

Note: To delete a permission, click the blue "X" next to the listed permission.


Step 5: Press Save Group

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