Applicable Routines

When you configure your server with Uptick, you need to make sure your Asset Types map back to the right Routine Service Types. 

Select the Servicing tab from the top navigational menu then Assets from the drop down menu. From here click the blue 'Manage Asset Types' button.

Select 'Edit' to edit an existing asset type or 'Create' a new Asset Type. In the Applicable Routines section, add any Routine Service Type from the drop down menu that this Asset Type should always adhere to. 
i.e. For a Fire Extinguisher Asset Type, you may add the Routine Service Types of
'Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguishers, 2005' & 'Portable & Wheeled Fire Extinguishers, 2012'. 



The correct configuration of Routine Service Types to Asset Types means that the right Assets on a Property will attach when Tasks are generated for that Property. Each Routine Service on that Property will connect with the information about Asset Types to create performable Service Tasks for each Asset. These are what technicians service in the field.


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