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For convenience, Uptick provides a "Generate" function which allows management to generate your work for the month in one click of a button, whether it be Tasks, Signoffs or other Output Types. 

The Task Generation process is used to create all your Routine Service Maintenance Tasks. This step is usually performed by your administration team at the start of each month,* though you can select any timeframe. By specifying a timeframe and selecting your Routines, you can control the amount and specific Routines that undergo Task Generating, saving time and preventing dual Tasks from generating.

Step 1: Enter the Routines page by clicking on the Servicing tab from the top navigational menu and select Routines from the drop-down menu.
Nb. Additional access via older method >> Servicing/Tasks/Programme Maintenance/Generate Tasks



Step 2: Select the parameters for this Task Generation, including Generated status, Output type and Timeframes. Generally, you will only need to enter the timeframe, due to the default settings. Enter the Timeframe via the Due after and Due before fields.

Generated and Output Type are filters that you use to narrow your list of Routine Services, the same way you would in the Property or Task screen. The 'default settings' are set to Generated is 'No' and Output Type is 'Task'. This means that for the Routines displayed in the resulting list, the predetermined Output Type is a Task and the Tasks for that Routine have not yet been generated.
The Output Type refers to what will be generated from the Routines selected in this process such as Tasks, Signoffs and Work Orders. The Generated field is whether or not this Output Type for this Routine has already been generated, options 'Yes' or 'No' it has/has not been generated. 

Step 3: Select the Routines within this timeframe that should be included in the Task Generation. To select all routines, click on the white checkbox on the top left of the list, next to the 'Routines' heading, it will turn blue (as below). You can select all visible Routines (default), all applicable Routines via 'Select all items' option or specific Routines via the checkboxes.


Step 4: When you are ready to Generate Tasks from your selected list of Routines, hit the blue 'Edit X Routines' button. Select 'Generate Routine Tasks' from the 'Bulk Process Options' drop down, hit the blue 'Apply Changes' button on the bottom right to finalise the Task Generation.


Step 5 (optional): To check the Tasks have correctly generated from the Routines, select Servicing from the top navigational tab and select Tasks from the drop down menu. The new Tasks should be at the top of the Task list when sorted for 'created' visible field.


Note: Clicking the Apply Changes button will:

1. Find all Routine Services a due in the selected timeframe. 

2. It then groups the Routine Services by Property and Service Group

3. It will look for rounds matching the properties round number and service group (if applicable) and creates a new round for the relevant timeframe if it does not already exist.

4. A "NEW" task will then be generated for the property for the new due date on the relevant round.

5. Service Tasks will then get generated for each item relevant to the Routine Service Type. 


*Uptick recommends creating a company process for task generation to avoid creating dual tasks. You may wish to discuss this with your Integration Consultant during your onboarding period.

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