Assigning tasks to rounds via Resource Allocator

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Any task that is not assigned to a default round can be done so via the Resource allocator tab.

Step 1: Enter the tasks control centre by clicking on Tasks from the drop down menu of the servicing tab from the navigational menu at the top. elect 

Step 2: Select Tools, then Resource allocator and you will be redirected to a map with markers of all the unassigned tasks. 

Step 3: Filter through tasks using the filter section on the right side of the screen. By default, all tasks not assigned to a technician or round will be displayed, including tasks with any and all Service Groups. 


Step 4: Filter the tasks on the map by selecting the Service Groups, Category, Tagged, Due and Branches you would like to use. The tasks visible are now shown on the map. 


Step 5: Zooming in and out using the scroll function on your mouse, find a cluster of tasks that you would like to lasso together into a round. Then, click around the corners of the cluster to create a polygon, with the desired tasks sitting inside the polygon. Double click to indicate that you are done creating the polygon. In this example, we have selected the three tasks in/around Melbourne.


A list of the tasks within the polygon will be listed on the right side of the screen. To clear the polygon, click the 'Clear Selection' button under the list and start the polygon again.



Step 6: Once the group of desired tasks is selected, use the next section on the right side of the screen to assign the tasks to a technician and existing or new round.


Step 7: Click Assign or Create & Assign



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