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Create a new cost centre

Depending on how your system is set up - a cost centre in the system may or may not be integrated with your finance system - but you would still be able to use the field

Cost centres require Branches extension to be installed, and only currently work with MYOB Account Right

  1. Click on Tools → Site Configuration
  2. From the integration heading - click on the ‘Cost Centres’ Button
  3. There will be three fields to complete:
    a. Name - The name of the cost centre
    b. Branch - From the drop down select the related branch you want to associate with the cost centre
    c. Account Code - The code relevant for the cost centre

  4. The select ‘Create cost centre’ button - and this will now be setup to use accordinglyScreen_Shot_2017-04-28_at_4.46.08_pm.png


Set the cost centre on a task

  1. You need to ensure your cost centres have been set up before being able to add them to tasks
  2. This can be done when setting up a task or revisiting a task and adding it in later
  3. Find the task you want to add it into whether from the task list or through the property and using the ‘Task’ button
  4. Select ‘Edit’ next to the task you wish to add the cost centre for
  5. Under the Assignments heading you will be able to start typing the cost centre in the relevant field and it will act as a filter until you see the correct centre

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