View/edit a Billing Card

Step 1: Enter the invoicing page by going to Tools > Billing.

Step 2: Enter the Billing Card page by clicking the blue 'Billing Cards' tab at the top of the invoicing page.


a) To edit a Billing Card, click 'edit' on the chosen billing card's line.

NOTE: If you receive the below notification, this means you cannot edit the billing card in Uptick, only in your connected accounting partner (XERO or MYOB).


b) To view a Billing Card, click 'View' on the chosen billing card's line.

This view is pretty straight forward, you have General Details, Contact Details, Attached Properties and Clients, Xero Integration, Invoice Preview and History. 

History: All the changes made on this billing card since it was created. You can also add notes here if you would like.

Xero Integration: This section tells you if your accounting partner is linked to Uptick - It is a must, that your billing card is attached to a billing card in either Xero or Myob.

* If it is not linked, you need to 'Attach Existing' and find the billing card you are looking for in Xero/Myob.


Directly raise an invoice either in Uptick or your Accounting Partner by selecting either button on the right.

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