How do I use the Uptick Help Centre?

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Maddison Taubert
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The help centre is full of useful, easy-to-read articles which guide you through the difficult, or not so difficult processes of Uptick. 

The easiest way to find the information you are looking for is by using the search engine to search for keywords. 

The articles are full of pictures, steps and easy-to-read languages to help you through the most complicated processes. 

The content is split up into categories including Web help articles and iPad help articles, if you are not using the search engine, you can generally find all the articles you are looking for through these categories and sections. 

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, you can always contact our friendly support team through your Uptick support or via email. See the 'Using the Uptick support ticket system' article to find out more information about this.


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