Creating a Report from a Task

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  1. When viewing a Task, click on the ‘Reports’ tab.

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  1. This shows a list of created reports and reports that can be created on this Task.

  2. To view created reports, click ‘Preview’ to view the PDF, or ‘View’ to view report details.

  3. To peek a report and check that it is correct, click ‘Peek’.

  4. Upon peeking a report, if it needs to be edited, click ‘Create’.

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  1. Information can be added/changed here. When done, click ‘Save Report’.
    Need to change an inspection date of a report? This is where to do it. 

  2. Reports can then be sent via the dispatching module.

Helpful tip: You can issue the report directly from the dispatch page, without having to create it first. If the report looks good in the peek and nothing needs to be manually changed, just ensure you tick it on the dispatch and it'll create when it's sent, saving you time!

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