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  1. Using the top navigation bar, click Properties → Contracts, this will take you to the managing Service Contracts page.

  2. Add the Subcontractor field and set it to ‘Is Not’ + ‘No Subcontractor’.

  3. Ensure all other fields are blank, as seen below.

  4. This will generate a list of Service Contracts that do have a subcontractor.


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 4.23.55 PM.png


  1. To view Service Contracts with subcontractors for a specific month, select the appropriate month in the ‘Ideally Due’ field.

  2. To generate a printed or digitised list of the Service Contracts within your parameters, press ‘Download as CSV’ on the top right-hand side of the grid. This is also seen in the image above.


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