Adding an Asset to a Property

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Maddison Taubert
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  1. When viewing a Property, click on the ‘Assets’ tab to be taken to a list of the Assets on the Property.

  2. Click ‘Add’ or 'Quick Add'. 
    Add can be used to fill in large amounts of detail about the asset.
    Quick add will provide only some fields to be filled to speed up the process. 


  1. On the new Asset page, enter details about the Asset. ‘Type’ must be selected by entering in the Asset Type into the field and selecting it from the resulting drop down list. ‘Contractor’, found by scrolling down the page, is also a required field, and will have a default for your company that can be changed if that Asset is sub-contracted.

  2. After entering any and all available and necessary data about the Asset, click ‘Save Asset’ at the bottom of the page.


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