February 2019 - Uptick Field Release: Quoggy Jo

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Uptick Field Release: Quoggy Jo

Task creating | Product filtering | Site Requirement warnings
This version will be released on 24th January 2019.


  • Task creation is now possible from the app.
  • Product filtering is now possible from the task's Products tab.​
  • Site Requirement warnings have been added to the Task Finalisation screen.


Task Creation

Field users can now create tasks from the app. To be able to do this, users must have the following permissions:
  • tasks | task | Can add task
  • properties | property | Can list properties  
Without the “Can add task” permission, the field user will not see the “+” button.
Tasks can easily be created by filling in a few required fields i.e Category, Property and Client. When the user selects a property, the client will automatically be populated, however the user can change the client if they wish.
After the user has created the task, they will be taken to it.


Product Filter

The task's Product tab now has a filter similar to the Work tab. Field users can now filter by asset type, tags, products and the performed status. Results can be optionally sorted. Once back on the Product list, a badge on the filter shows how many filters have been set.
The task's Work tab has also been updated to feel similar to this new filter page.

Site Requirements

On the task's Finalisation tab, a warning panel has been added to display two of the property requirements (Signature and Logbook) to remind field users to complete these before they complete the task.


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