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Schedules are a new way to define an Occupancy Permit or Maintenance Determination on a Property. This new feature allows you to define the type of Schedule (permit/certificate) to be added to the Property, and also allows for adding more than one Schedule.

When creating a new Property, you will still be given the ability to add an Occupancy Permit as normal.  See the screenshot below. This saves the Occupancy Permit as a Schedule on the Property.

If you need to add a Maintenance Determination or edit an existing Occupancy Permit, you need to go to the existing Property and click on the 'Schedule' tab in the 'Details' panel as per the image below.

From here you can update or add the Schedule as required.


We have tried to modify all reports that display these permits to reflect these changes, but if you are having any troubles, please contact our support team and we will help you as required.

We have designed Schedules so that you can define custom Schedule Types for your business. By default we have added Occupancy Permit and Maintenance Determination. But you may also like to add  a Certificate of Occupancy or Schedule of Essential Safety Measures type as well. This is possible, just contact our support team to help with this.

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