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Uptick for office users
Uptick for office users
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Uptick vs Cash Terminology
How do I change correspondence details for site?
Where do I keep details of additional contacts for a certain site (eg. owners, tenants, etc.) ?
If I add a document to a particular task, will it appear on the property documents?
Will my notes appear on the invoice or are they internal?
If we receive a call from a party we don't normally service, how do we create an ad hoc task?
Everything about Products
Importing data
How can I tell which technician was last on site?
Applicable Assets
Xero Integration
Everything about Assets
Uptick Change Management/Release Process
Viewing a Property
How to add items to an invoice before dispatching
Creating Asset Types
Creating a new property
The Timeline
The Equipment/Key Register
Everything about Emails and Correspondence
How do I set up automatic labelling for my assets?
Appointment Scheduler
Everything about Clients/Client Groups
ESM presets
Can I send emails from my own email address instead of [email protected]?
Classic Logbooks
Everything about the (old) Customer Portal
Contractors and Suppliers setup
View and Edit Asset Types
Price Books and Tiers
Sales Dashboard
MYOB Business Integration
Creating Tasks
Company Information Setup
Selecting tasks in the Geo-allocator
Client Approval Process
Assigning tasks to rounds via the Geo-Allocator
All things Document Templates, Email Templates and Dynamic forms
Task categories
FAQ: What browsers are supported in Uptick?
How to bulk manage assets
Filter by Service Groups in Geo-allocator
Client Dashboard
Assigning a Technician to a round
Security Groups
Searching for Tasks
Creating and editing Report Types
Working with Body Corporate and Owner Corporations managers (OCMs)
Searching for an existing Client
Adding Suggested/Replacement Products to asset types
Viewing a Particular Round
Operations Dashboard
Defect Quoting
Setting up a new user (client, contractor, staff)
Uptick Glossary
Bulk Archiving tasks
Everything about Invoicing
Managing default technicians
Validating addresses
Adding or Amending Sessions
Create a new Client
Adding an Asset to a Property
Everything to know about Service Groups
Creating a Report from a Task
Contacting our support desk
Everything about Tags
Everything about Callouts
Everything about Billing Cards
How do I reset the password for my staff and on-site techs?
To View/ Preview Reports
Adding a internal note to a report
Viewing a Task
Generating from Routines
Everything about Billing Contracts
Everything about Routines
Who gets emailed invoices, reports and quotes?
Costing & Profitability
Contractors and the Contractor Portal
Creating a report from a property
Contractor Signoffs Module
Uptick API
Digital Logbooks
Knowledge Base
Service Quoting
Parent/Child Tasks and Properties
Everything about Jobs/Projects
Managing non-contracted asset servicing
Labour Rates
Markdown Styling in Uptick Text Boxes
How do I manage folders and documents?
Realtime activity dashboard and activity reports
Why is my asset duplicating/not on the task work tab?
How can I split a defect quote up into multiple tasks, but still keep it on the one invoice?
How do I move assets from one property to another?
Why are my tasks splitting up?
Why are the tables in the service quote going missing? 
Troubleshooting for the iOS App
Everything about Tasks
Why is the routine duplicated on the grid?
How do I get the photos to display on the task/report?
Invoicing troubleshooting
Everything about Text Snippets
Further Training on Uptick
White Labelling Reports
Best practices for using Branches
Server Errors
Insights and Reporting
Dispatching Errors Key
Remote alarm-panel monitoring
Uptick vs Firemate Terminology
Uptick Terminology
Task Status Guide - what do they all mean?
CPI Increase for Routines
End to end office process - From creating a property to sending out an invoice
Uptick Templates
How to set up and enable Replace Now on a remark
Why would you need to put properties on hold?
How do I schedule a repair?
What is the difference between a Defect Quote and a Service Quote?
How do I import products with their sell prices?
What happens when I merge a defect quote?
Estimated duration
When to use Re-apply sub-tasks
Syncing your accounting integrations in Uptick
How do I share property documents with a client?
What is the difference between description and unit description on a product?
Using the SLA extension
How to sync your suppliers with your accounting partner
Understanding the People section in Uptick
Purchase orders in Uptick
Zones in Uptick
Why does the dispatch email say the service report is non-compliant?
What do the colours mean on the routine calendar?
Creating a new routine and setting applicable assets
When does my accounting partner sync?
Troubleshooting billing cards
Use and Charge or Suggest for Quote? What's the difference?
The AFSS process
Setting up routines for partial servicing (20 percent detector or red/green/blue testing)
Quickbooks Online integration
How to add/edit remark types
System admin - everything about the control panel
Defect quoting status guide
How do I make a billing contract inactive?
How do I copy billing contracts across in bulk?
How do I manage subcontracted routines/maintenance?
AESMR Process
Do I need to add in major service routines to properties?
Why can't I find a billing card?
How do I customise a report to be asset type specific?
Can everyone see technician labour rates?
What does checking "Attendance fee" on a product do?
How to revert asset label patterns to default in bulk
How do barcodes work in Uptick?
When an asset is removed from site and replaced with another, what do I do?
How to manage block plans in Uptick
How can I move appointments from a technician who calls in sick?
How do I manage high priority tasks?
When I "complete" a service quote, what does that do?
Does the realtime technician dashboard have GPS tracking?
Uploading a picture signature to a user
Can I setup a callout task from an asset?
How do I add a new variant to an asset type?
Can I edit my own templates?
Do I have to publish or create a report first, or will it happen when I dispatch?
What is the difference between a desk and field license? What if I am both?
Can you setup multiple products per variant for major servicing?
Unscheduled routines and managing re-attendance
The Core Workflows in Uptick (PDF Download)
How do I use the filters in Uptick and why would I use them?
How do I invoice for items used on a task?
Accreditations - how do I manage inductions, site requirements, passwords and expiry dates?
How I delete draft invoices?
Can I have more than 1 login for 1 client portal?
Are asset icons hosted on Locatrix?
How do I manage an asset that has changed variant/type on a property?
Setting the scheduled price increase percentage correctly
Setting a contractor authorisation limit on a task
How do I set the default template for defect and service quotes?
Setting Authorisation Limits
Lifecycle analysis
Understanding defect quoting and suggested/replacement products
How do I handle partially approved defect quotes?
Payroll export of timesheets
Can I credit invoices in Uptick?
I'm getting Google alerts about breached passwords - what does that mean?
How invoices work with billing cards
How do I delete unwanted reports?
How do I handle flow tests in Uptick?
Multiple email templates for appointment notifications
Everything about Cost Centres
Managing reports
Setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) in Uptick
Managing parent properties and tenancies
What is a Yearly Condition Report?
Supported accounting integrations
View previous defect quotes on-site with the app
Uptick vs Simpro Terminology
Classic Logbooks and Digital Logbooks
Used Stock Report
Asset based servicing
How week based routine service levels appear on the routine schedule
Sample Postman collection for Uptick API
How are tasks archived and what does it mean?
Sage 50 Integration
Automated workorder to task creation with Mailparser / Docparser
Difference between base date and install date
Locatrix integration
Understanding the task profitability window
Customer Portal
When will I get notifications in the app?
Warehouses and stock control
Invoice status guide
Understanding Remarks
Can I send emails to all my clients in bulk?
Authorisation limits for Defect Quotes and Purchase Orders
Creating Appointments
Understanding included labour in callout products
The 12A and BWOF Process
Uptick Learning Essentials - Web
How to find specific keys and ID numbers
Bulk Actions
How to create a consolidated invoice
Uptick shortcut keys
Supported browsers