By default, Uptick sends emails from the domain, but can be configured to appear to come from a domain that you own.

There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Set a reply-to address when configuring your email templates. Strictly speaking, the emails will continue to originate from [email protected], however email recipients will be instructed to reply to your designated reply-to address. Most modern email clients will respect the reply-to and automatically use this when the recipient hits reply.

  • If you're on our enterprise-level subscription, Uptick can register your email domain as a verified identity, allowing emails to actually be sent on behalf of the email address of your choice. To enable this, please send through a request to support, nominating the email domain you wish to whitelist (everything that comes after the "@" symbol in your email address).
    We'll then provide you with a set of CNAME records, which you'll need added to your DKIM configuration in your domain’s DNS settings, to confirm you’re the domain owner. (Just repeat that last sentence verbatim to your website/DNS administrator, along with the CNAME records, and they'll know what to do with it!)

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