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Uptick has made it easy to create tasks in a variety of ways to suit your business processes. This article will highlight how to create a task via the task list, or property.

Note: For generating tasks from routines, see our article on generating tasks from routines.

Via the Task List

  1. Navigate to the Tasks list

  2. Click Create task

  3. Fill in the task with the required fields then click Save Task


Via the Property

  1. Navigate to the tasks tab on the property

  2. Click Create Task

  3. You have to fill out in the required information as well as any information required to be on the task.

    • Task information - Name and Category
      The invoice notes are NOT internal and will appear on any of the dispatches created for this task.

    • Details - Priority and Client

    • Location - Access Schedule

    • A few other important fields:

      • Due- The date the task needs to be completed by.

      • Primary technician- You have the option to assign the task to a particular technician.

      • Round- You can allocate the task to a pre-made round.

      • Property- If the task is associated with a property already logged in the system.
        Note: This will automatically be filled if the task is created via the property dashboard.

      • Value- This is an approximate dollar value of the task to give a better gage of the expected works.

      • Work order- Add any reference to a work order of which the task is based on.

  4. Once you are satisfied that all the details have been filled in accurately select Save task.

Note: You can also create a task via the app!

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