Operations Dashboard
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The operations dashboard provides performance information about tasks.

Go to Insight and Reports > Operations (in the Business section)

The top field on the intelligence page shows you tasks that are currently active as well as their status. This is a helpful tool that allows you to quickly gauge the workload for different departments as well as average progression rates for jobs.


The second field will indicate how many properties were serviced for the day, how many tasks were completed and how many technicians are active at the time. Below the daily values, you will see the average values for the current and previous month.

The third field indicates how many tasks were completed, and how many properties were serviced out of the sites that were visited over a 2 week period.


The fourth field will display a comprehensive breakdown of the tasks due in the current month. The pie chart will provide insight to where your company is at in the progression of completing all tasks. Values below the chart will tell you how many tasks have been serviced for the day, how many tasks have been completed for the day and the percentage of completed tasks out of the tasks that are due that month. Below the daily values, average values are displayed.


The final field of the Operations dashboard displays your company's total progress for the current month based on task completion. This can be helpful for you to gain insight into the productivity of your business during periods of change from in the economy, the seasons, your workforce or company infrastructure. The green line indicates the actual performance, the grey dotted line indicates the ideal progression of task completion.

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